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Through the research and development conducted by Toronto Chiropractor Lyman Johnson and with the help of Mechanical Engineers from Magna International Inc., Thumper® designed and patented the Vibrotoner, the first deep muscle percussion massager, in 1974. This first percussive massager was designed specifically to release muscle tension on a patient prior to a chiropractic adjustment.

Through years of product development and continuous improvement, this first massager has developed into our Maxi Pro Massager, the model most widely used by chiropractors on their patients around the world. Since its beginnings in 1974, Thumper continues to promote a drug-free healthy lifestyle by offering products that help people stay active.

Today, most of our massagers are designed for self-use, so people can enjoy the benefits of professional treatment at home. Whether you are a competitive athlete looking to have your muscles recover quickly from your aggressive training routine, or a home user just wanting to soothe your aching muscles and release stress after a tough day at work, Thumper has just the right product for you.

In 2011, Thumper introduced a line of active back supports. These back supports are unique in the fact that they can be adjusted to fit any individual. The lumbar support can be adjusted vertically to fit just behind the arch of the lower back, and can be adjusted outwardly to provide just the right amount of support the individual needs. Our back supports come in two models, an attachable model that is ideal for office chairs or car seats, and a portable model you can take with you on a plane, train or automobile.

All Thumper products are designed and manufactured in Canada with the highest degree of quality, and are backed by a two-year hassle free guarantee.

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